Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus Is the Answer :)

Just a little funny to start the day. Drew, I thought you might especially appreciate this, as in youth ministry, Jesus is often the answer to EVERY question you ask. Gotta love it!


Lorie said...

I love that! I often say to the kids at, I don't want the Sunday school answer (although He does answer all questions!). Funny thing is...they all know exactly what I'm talking about and then look at me with the deer in the headlight look! LOL! Have a super day!

AJ said...

that's my son as well!!
He answers up to most questions we don't understand with "It has to be because of God"
love that kids faith!

Unknown said...

LOL! I used to be a youth director at church and can totally relate to this! TFS! That's hilarious. :)