Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Cameron invited a few of his friends over last night (he let their mommies and daddies come, too) for an Easter Egg Hunt. We had the BEST time! Drew "hid" a ton of plastic eggs in the yard for the kids to go find. The kids enjoyed finding the eggs, putting eggs in their baskets, and eating cupcakes! We parents had fun watching the kids get so excited, interacting with other "big people", and...well, munching on yummy treats, too! :)
Timon liked helping Cameron find the eggs!
It turns out that Lanny (David's dad) is VERY good at finding Easter eggs! :)
Colton was so into finding the eggs! He has three eggs in his hands in this picture! So cute!
Little David was content playing with his eggs in the grass! He held onto the same yellow speckled egg that Drew gave him all night!Even Katy wanted in on the action! Look! She found an egg! She is a genius! :)


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Mary said...

All of your pictures are precious! It looks as though all of you had fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Emma Joersz said...

Thanks for having us over! We had a great time!