Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Emma tagged me, so now I am supposed to list seven random facts about myself. is always so hard to come up with things like this! Well, here goes!

1. I have this weird thing about leaving the last bite of a sandwich on my plate. I never eat the last bite. I didn't notice it, but my husband (so lovingly) brought it to my attention several years back...

2. I love to read. Most of what I read is nonfiction (Christian books, educator books, etc.) but I am almost done with Randy Alcorn's Deadline now. It is very good, and I highly recommend it!

3. I love finding things wrong with signs like spelling errors or ambiguity. For example, I recently passed a hotel, and its message board read "Relax from all the stress in our suites." Get it?? Ha!

4. My favorite color is yellow. I love bright colors, although you wouldn't know it if you came to my house. We've lived here for three and a half years, and the walls are still WHITE! (Except for the kiddos' rooms.)

5. My middle name is Jo. Not many people know that, I don't think! That also means that my husband and I have had the same initials since we got married...AJC! Pretty cool, huh?

6. Drew and I always joke about leaving lawn gnomes in the neighbors' yards when we go on walks. No, we have never done it, and no, Emma, we have not thought of putting them in your yard. :) I don't know why I think that would be so funny!

7. I have a really big secret that I know you will all want to know about soon! Very few people know about it (if you do, don't give it away!). I will be revealing that secret in about a month or month and a half.

7 1/2. No, I am not pregnant. That is NOT the secret. ;)

Who to tag? Who to tag?
1. Drew
2. Debbie Olson
3. Nancy Grant
4. Johanna
5. Lorie


Debbie Olson said...

It's a good thing that you put a 7-1/2 in there, because that was my first guess after reading number 7! :-D Let's see. . . my next two guesses would be design team or publication. Just guessin! Thanks for the tag>

Mrs. Nancy G said...

No kidding with the 7.5 clarification! Wonder what the news is!???

Thanks for the tag! You make me smile!


Lorie said...

Seriously! I'm dying to know... I haven't talked to you in ages!