Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

Hi! I'm sorry I've been AWOL on you lately. Things have been way crazy. I'm going to jump back in with a few posts today! I'll start with the news on Cameron... He has moved into his big boy bed!! We have a convertible crib for both kids, so all we had to do was take off the front of his crib and then put up a toddler rail. Cameron was super-excited when Drew was working on this project. Check out the pictures!!

This Thursday is his birthday! I cannot believe my baby is going to be two years old. I must have not been heeding the advice given to me. People always say that when you blink they'll be grown. Now, I know he is still "only" two, but I still feel like I "blinked"!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! He's getting so big! I don't think he could look any more like Drew! I hope you guys are doing well. If I don't talk to you before, I will call to wish Cameron a Happy Birthday on Thursday. We've been practicing the song around here!