Monday, October 22, 2007

My Gym Birthday Party

Okay, we really did have a busy weekend! But Cameron had a BLAST! People have always told me to get Cameron involved in a baby/toddler gymnastics class, and I've kind of bucked the idea. I mean, he's a boy, right? Gymnastics??? Then we got invited to a birthday party at a place called My Gym...HOW MUCH FUN!!! Cameron had so much fun running from activity to activity. He got lots of good exercise and just had fun! We were surprised at how well he did at some of the activities! His favorite was definitely the trampoline...and he doesn't even jump yet! :) I'll share a few pictures here of Cameron playing at My Gym... If you have itty bitties and ever get the chance to take them, GO!

Okay, after we went to the party, we met our good friends the Colemans for dinner at Chili's! We had a great time visiting with them! Cameron loves all of them, and especially the two girls, Jessica and Amy. Here is a super-cute picture of Jessica and Cameron giving eskimo kisses! Thanks, girls, for loving Cameron and being so sweet to him!

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Lorie said...

I don't think he can get any cuter! It looks like he had a great time. We just got a My Gym, so we may have to go check it out. Maybe something will finally wear Emily out before me! Haha. I sure hope I get to see you soon. I will be posting some pics of the girls' halloween costumes later this afternoon. Hope to talk to you soon. Kisses to Cameron!