Monday, October 1, 2007

Funny Pictures!

Okay, we were in Bi-Lo tonight picking up a few things we needed at the grocery store. Drew and I are pretty easily entertained, so we had a great time looking at the packaging of some food items, etc. :) I want to share a couple of pictures of what we found, just for kicks...Dad, you will especially appreciate this!
I love finding mistakes in signs, etc. Can you spot the mistake here?? Nothing like supporting the local football team! ;)

And then we saw this bottle of Dr. Bob soda. It's generic Dr. Pepper. The name in itself was funny, but check out what it says below and to the right of the name of the soda! This cracked us up!

Okay, I have to also share a couple pictures of Cameron. I took him for a smoothie yesterday because he has had a little cold/allergies. Look at how happy he is about his smoothie! Too cute!:)


Deborah said...

Fun pictures! The cup is bigger than Cameron! He he! LOL! Deb

Amy said...

Wow! Those photos are absolutely adorable! Love the face you caught on him drinking from that straw!

Laura said...

Go Pathers? haha. funny. We're Bills fans, and my brother moved home from NC a couple of years ago. Now he will watch the Bills, and if they're losing (almost always, lately) then he suddenly becomes a Panthers fan. (nothing like a fair-weather-fan lol!)

Your little boy is adorable. They grow up too fast. Mine are 7 & 9 and I miss the baby-toddler stage

Anonymous said...

Go Pathers? Doesn't it make you sad to know that this person's English teacher is out there somewhere, teaching more people? (sigh) The education curve is tipping the wrong way, I'm afraid.

On a lighter note, love the Dr. Bob bottle. But most of all, love the pics of Cameron. He is so adorable! I'm afraid that Emily's heart has been captured by a boy named Lucas, but I am showing Bethany all of Cameron's pictures, and she always smiles. There's hope yet!

Anonymous said...

haha the doctor bob soda was named after a dentist named Dr. Bob