Monday, April 26, 2010

CP Sketch with FLAIR!

My thoughtful friend Elizabeth picked up a few packages of American Crafts FLAIR for me recently. These are the embellishments that are just like those fun little button pins, but these have a pop-up dot on the back instead. ;) She challenged me to create another card using the Card Patterns sketch AND to use both ribbon and a piece of the new Flair on a card. Easy enough! All of those are FABULOUS elements to work with... ;)

I created my card with a New Leaf base. I added on a strip of Jillibean Soup Old World Cabbage Stew - Caraway Seeds paper. You might remember this paper from this card, but I used the reverse side here. I messy-pleated on some Brown Twill ribbon. I added another one of my new
Jillibean Soup Canvas Flowers, and added my Flair onto that.

I also thought I'd share a few pictures of something we built in our backyard this weekend. Mother's Day came early for me, as Drew decided he wanted to plant me a garden. Those who know me well know that healthy eating, sustainable growing practices, and responsible living are quite important in my life. We have a mostly organic garden we've grown here, and I am THRILLED! I have never grown ANYTHING, so we'll see how this goes... ;)

Here are Cameron and Katy, after showing me their favorite plants. ;) Cameron likes the grape tomato plant; Katy likes the basil.

Going counter-clockwise, starting from the plant on the top, we have basil, grape tomatoes, green bell peppers, and asparagus. We also have roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots (Cam cannot WAIT!). Not much of each. The garden is small right now! We wanted to get a variety of things to learn with...and it seems like SOMETHING has to grow with all of that planted! LOL!

Katy wanted to model by the garden. This was right after naptime, so no pants. Haha.


StampinCathy said...

Beautiful card and just love your garden. We are going to do beds like that too. Cute helpers you have.

Anonymous said...

Great job Mandy! Thanks for your kind words!
I love your garden pics! So cute!

farmhouse-story said...

cute garden helpers! love your ribbon treatment!

JenMarie said...

LOVE this card!
What a great garden space!

de said...

Love the card and buttons! Your kids are adorable! And how much fun is a garden?!

Ravengirl said...

Love your card and that sketch is fabulous! Good luck with your garden! Don't forget to thin your carrots once them come up a bit so that you get really nice shaped carrots. If you have a bit of room, pumpkins and zuchini are great. They grow like crazy here on the West coast and are just about no-fail!

Jennie said...

Fabulous card Mandy, love the green with the ribbon and the flower (just ordered some!).
The garden looks great and will be fun to watch the veges grow! Enjoy the time together with the kids watching plant life :o)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOVE this card--and your kids are super cute! Love that garden. Super sweet--happy Mother's day early!!

My pocketbook is feeling pretty light--I want to go shopping at Limelight...I might have to pull some strings or make a good dinner so Trav will let me buy more paper/etc!! Can't wait to see what is new:)