Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Button Rings

Need a quick, inexpensive, SUPER-ADORABLE gift for some ladies (or girls!) this Christmas? How about some button rings? This is one of the projects I created for a Kids' Christmas Elves' Workshop this season. The kids will be invited to come make these fabulous rings (amongst many other things) to give to a friend or family member this Christmas. The best thing about it? Nope, not that it is cheap (but it is!)... I would TOTALLY wear this! As a matter of fact, I have... many times! :) They are so fun and trendy!

I just love Etsy, where I bought these fantastic rings. I simply used some E-6000 and glued on two PTI buttons, and voila! Done!

If you try these, I'd LOVE to see!! Please share! :)


JenMarie said...

OMGosh, how CUTE!!!

Lorie said...

How cute! I think I need to makes these for the girls in my sons class...there are only 6 of them so easy! :o)

Angela W said...

So very cute! Thanks for sharing!