Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween... at Thanksgiving

Yeah, so I never got around to posting some pictures from Halloween! I decided to now because I used a STAMPING product for part of my "fairy" (-ish...) costume!

Notice the HAIR... I definitely sprayed my hair with Shimmerz Spritz! Like a TON of it! (Baby's Breath, if you really wanna know!) Luckily, it washed out just fine and made me VERY sparkly! LOL!

And how about some cute little garden gnomes? *wink*

How 'bout a few more pics of Cameron and Katy? Just cuz it's been a while... And cuz they are so cute! ;)

Here they are at their buddy Beckett's birthday party. ;)

Katy loves playing with her friend Lelia. :)

Cameron and his blue tongue!

Oh, and the curls... ;)


JenMarie said...

GREAT idea for your hair!
OMGosh, what cuties!!

Leah l'Orange said...

aaagghhhh!! those little gnomes!! SO SO CUTE! brilliant idea of the shimmerz in your hair - will DEFINITELY keep that in mind when i'm going for a little extra noticeability ('cuz the blue's not shocking enough, ya know). :D

Ashley Newell said...

You and your kids are SOOOOO cute! I love it! I wanna eat you guys up!

Angela W said...

So very cute! Glad you got them posted!