Monday, June 1, 2009

Limelight's Anniversary Celebration is HERE! :) GIVEAWAYS!

**Keep reading and scroll ALL THE WAY down for my GIVEAWAY!!**

Hi everyone! Limelight Papercrafts is officially ONE YEAR OLD today! We are so thankful for our wonderful customers and blog readers and friends. You guys really ARE the best, and we love you! Because our success is because of YOU, you all get the gifts today!
First, enter the code ONEYEAR at checkout to receive 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase! This code is good ALL WEEK, through Sunday!

Now for the FUN! Each of our design team members, our 7th Six Chick for June (welcome to Nikki!!), myself, and even a few friends of Limelight are giving away goodies on their blogs! There are 14 of us in all, and feel free to enter for ALL of the prizes! Here are the games and challenges, the coordinating prizes, and the links to each! My game is on this post at the bottom!

Me - Balderdash. Prize: Hullabaloo Stamp (Unity), Bazzill Scalloped Circle Chipboard Tags,
Prima Sweet N Sassy Flowers - Cinderella.

Lisa Henke - Color Challenge (Chocolate Chip, Pink Passion and Summer Sun (SU colors) / Raspberry, Summer Sunrise, Chocolate (PTI colors). Prize: 3 Fun Flocks: Raspberry Tart, Chocolate Lotto, Lemonade Yellow.

Ryann Salamon - Small Part of a Picture Guessing Game. Prize: Enchanted Lily Stamp Set (Pink Cat Studio).

Amy Castellano - Scrapbooking Sketch. Prize: My Biggest Wishes Stamp (Unity).

Lorie Ames - Card Sketch. Prize: Prima Aloha Petals - Tea Leaf.
Jennifer Taylor (AKA JenMarie!) - Tell Us Your Limelight Favorites. Prize: Delectable Delights Stamp Set (Unity), Coconut Pixee Stix Glitter.

Lee Murphy - Summer Inspiration Challenge. Prize: Spring Bloom Dew Drops.

Kristen Catalano - Basic Grey Product Line Guessing Game. Prize: Basic Grey Wisteria 6x6 Paper Pad.

Jennifer Greco - Photo Scavenger Hunt. Prize: Flashee Fuchsia Shimmerz, Mudpie Shimmerz

Tiffany Johnson - Blurred Photo Guessing Game. Prize: Basic Grey Marrakech 6x6 Paper Pad.

Becky Carafa - Word Scrambles. Prize: Cling Changito Cake Stamp (Stampendous).

Katie Renz - Fill in the Letters Game. Prize: Prima Pebbles - Butterfly.

Amy Tsuruta - Buttons in a Jar Guessing Game. Prize: Basic Grey Lime Rickey Buttons.

Nikki Tanner - Where's Waldo with the Limelight Logo. Prize: Cherry Hill 8x8 Paper Pad.

And now for MY game!

I just LOVE board games! One of my favorites is Balderdash. It's a super-fun creative game where you have to make up the answers! For example, if you are defining a word (that no one has EVER heard of, mind you!), each player writes a convincing "definition" of that word. All of the possible "definitions", including the real definition, are read aloud, and players vote on which they believe is correct! As you can imagine, it gets crazy...and hilarious! My FAVORITE game ever!! We are going to play a sort of Balderdash game here!

I am going to give you a FAKE movie title about stamping and/or scrapbooking. I am making up this movie (so don't rush to the store thinking it's real! LOL!). You will write a convincing, creative, etc. description for this "movie" as a comment on this post. Remember, this (FAKE! FAKE!) movie is about stamping and/or scrapbooking. On Thursday morning, we will choose our favorite entry to be the winner! So get creative! Get funny! Get going! Remember, there's a Hullabaloo Stamp (Unity), Bazzill Scalloped Circle Chipboard Tags, and a bottle of Prima Sweet N Sassy Flowers - Cinderella up for grabs!!

The name of our "movie" is Beverly Hills Crop. (I crack myself up sometimes!!)


Lee said...

A very special and Happy, Happy 1st Anniversary Mandy!!! I'm so excited about this fun Hop!!! I love your game and can't wait to hear what everyone comes up with!!!

Elaine said...

This is a wild adventure about a weekend crop where Paris Hilton's new line of scrap goods is facing off against Angelina Jolee's dies and embellishments. Brad Pitt is putting money on Jolee's as the winner by a landSlice.

Nunt said...

Take a hold of you paper distressers and get ready for a cutting edge movie experience with Beverly Hills Crop! A major art gallery is portraying cards from all over the country by the most prominent scrappers and card makers - but a break in and theft delay the opening! Who stole Mandy's prize-winning designer card? The only clue on the scene is an lime green ATC with a signature "LL". Will the Beverly Hills cardmakers solve this crime before the embossing ink dries out? Find out for yourselves and go to your nearest movie theater!

Denise said...

Seven amazing women slither across the country stopping on occasion to cut, glue and embellish their goodies for their trek to the Beverly Hills Crop. See what magnificent sites behold your eyes and theirs during their amazing journey.

tracy said...

beverley hills crop is a secret location only known to scrapbookers where they are allowed there once a month armed with their own tools and to disguised themselves we dress up in in police uniforms the crop till we drop ( of course I mean gossip, share techniques, make cards, and scrapbooking etc.)
oh what fun
tracy x

Jacilynn said...

In the heart of Beverly Hills, you will find a small group of ladies who have a passion for paper crafting. For the past year these wealthy and attractive ladies meet once a month for a crop. They've yet to produce one project because of all the chatter and munching. They are know as the Beverly Hills Crops.


Renee77 said...

There are seven Ladies from Beverly Hills all there husbands are in law enforcement. The woman decide to go on a scrapbook road trip. Stopping at all the Scrap shops in the US none of them tell their husbands. There husband put on a statewide alert for the missing women and they get stopped in Las Vegas guns drawn and everything all the ladies were laughing at their brillant hushands. The End...

silvia said...

Beverly Hills Crop~ an action filled adventure where the richest of the snobs get together and crop. There is spying and stealing as the ladies try and complete the "IT" LO as judged by none other than Tom Holtz. The crop diva will be presented with a Prima bling encrusted tiara. Get your crop on....

Ravengirl said...

I'll take a shot at it! Beverly Hills Crop is a documentary covering the afore mentioned annual fundraising event held to benefit Ronald McDonald Houses across America. This documentary includes fabulous demonstrations by Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards and Claudine Hellmuth!

Ashley Newell said...

In a LONG awaited sequel to Troop Beverly Hills, the girls scouts have grown up and worked their way into the wonderful world of scrapping! They must work together to beat out all the other teams (like the favored Utah team) and scrap their way to the top!

karahoward said...

Five women are on an important mission - to "touch up" their old scrapbook pages. Now that they have had their plastic surgery done, the pictures of them in their old scrapbook pages will give away their little secret. Can they hide their true age along with their nips and tucks with a few cleverly placed embellishments? Only their time at the Beverly Hills Crop party can tell.

Amy said...

I am loving these "movies" LOL...Happy Anniversary Mandy!!

Shauna K said...

Detroit cop Mandy is delighted when she receives a surprise visit from her best friend, Cuttlebug, who lives in California. Not long after CB arrives in Detroit, CB is killed, right in front of Mandy, by a woman named Shimmerz. Mandy follows Shimmerz to Beverly Hills, California, where Beverly Hills scrapping police's Lieutenant Stickles assigns Detective Prima and partner, Sergeant Ranger, to keep an eye on Mandy. Mandy visits her friend Wisteria, who works in a local scrapbook store. With Wisteria's help, Mandy discovers that Shimmerz works for Wisteria's boss, Lime Rickey, the man who owns the LSS. Rickey is a black market CB die trader who is using the LSS as a front, and Rickey had Shimmerz kill CB after Rickey accused CB of stealing some of Rickey's CB dies. With the help of Wisteria, Prima, and Ranger, Mandy does what she can to make sure Rickey and Shimmerz won't kill any more Cuttlebugs!

(see original summary HERE hehe)

Nikki Tanner (NCSUnikki) said...

In this long awaited sequel to the Oscar nominated Kindergarten Crop, there is no lack of suspense and drama. It follows the trials and tribulations of Amanda, a former pageant queen turned secret agent, and her sidekick, a chiuaua named Chalupa, as they attempt to decipher the secret code of an organization called Beverly Hills Crop. The secret code known only as Basic Grey, is said to have been written by the ancient Assembly of Provocraft. Can they crack the code or will their efforts be undermined by Prima, the stylish and evil embellisher....

Alex said...

HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary to you Mandy - WHOOHOOO!! All of your actitivites sounds totally fun!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary Mandy! WOW! I can't believe it's been a year either! Way to celebrate!! I'm off to check out your specials....sort of "monkey around" on your site!!

Unknown said...

…one super secret crop place,
…two crop-a-dile proof limo’s,
…three sticky strip airports
...four personal assistants all named Mat—glass Mat, cutting Mat, sticky Mat, and Mat pack
…five brands of paper and cardstock
…six stamping queens and their entire line of new stamps
…seven inky colors
...eight entangled embellishments
…nine competitive ladies
…ten years of free *all you can use* cropping supplies at stake
…who do you think will win it all and be the last one standing in…Beverly Hills Crop?

Vickilyn said...

these are all so great!! I don't think I can compete, but if I think of something - I might be back, but at this point I will just say Happy Anniversary to Limelight!

Katy said...

Beverly Hills Crop: Have you ever bought a paper trimmer, just to have it cut crooked lines? This movie is a documentary following one scrapbooker on her quest to find the perfect paper trimmer in Beverly Hills. Hours upon hours of watching her scour craft stores only to cut crooked. Definitely will put all scrapbookers on the edge of her seat! But how will this documentary end? Will she find "THE ONE?" Or will this be the end of her days as a Beverly Hills Cropper?

Ravengirl said...

Oh my word, these are too funny!

Cheri said...

Beneath the glamor of Beverly Hills lies a cut-throat competition every year where the players get as dirty as they come trying to out-scrap the other players in just one evening. The prize for this year's winner is a cool $1 million. Amid the frenzy of this year's soiree, someone murders the favorite for this year's prize. Beverly Hills Police Department sends in their best cop to investigate the crop!

Nikki said...

K here goes ..
Beverly Hills Crop is a true story based on a over zealous quirky girl becomes a total scrapbooking junkie. It will totally blow your mind as Prima (played by Sandra Bullock) Starts off by only wanting to create a birthday card and gets yanked into the world of die-cuts,Stamps and full on assault of glitter glues. See how she gets wrapped up in ribbon and falls down in the flock. What she does for a candy jar is just UNREAL. This is one movie you won't forget !! So Hold on to your Glitter and you will definitely be "GLUED" into your seat.

"Hope that works"

rudie2shoes said...

Beverly Hills Crop... the story of some California SAHM ready at a moments notice to investigate crop crimes. There's an evil WIZARD out to banish all croppers. Anyone that comes in contact with the Wizard DIES (pun intended). The Beverly Hills Croppers ban together to battle the Wizard in a crop off.

♥Silvana♥ said...

"Bervely Hill Crop"
Is a movie about 4 girls whose names are Prima, Scrappy, Sassy and Shimmer...come see their journey from New York to Bervely Hills... Their mission: to pick up in their way special guest (like me and you)to a big!!! huge!!! and fancy!!! SCRAPBOOK PARTY in the mansion of not other than the queen of scrapping "Martha Bazzill"
........see all the twis and turns of this girl's journey...will they make to the party? and most important how a simple girl like you and me react to the big news?