Thursday, June 4, 2009


All right! This was a TOUGH competition... All of the stories were a blast to read, and I have been mulling over the winner for some time now! We have finally decided on Katy (cool name, by the way! Hee hee!), who said:

Beverly Hills Crop: Have you ever bought a paper trimmer, just to have it cut crooked lines? This movie is a documentary following one scrapbooker on her quest to find the perfect paper trimmer in Beverly Hills. Hours upon hours of watching her scour craft stores only to cut crooked. Definitely will put all scrapbookers on the edge of her seat! But how will this documentary end? Will she find "THE ONE?" Or will this be the end of her days as a Beverly Hills Cropper?

Can't we all totally relate to this one? Love the play on "the one" as well! Great job to EVERYONE!! Katy, e-mail me at to be sure I have your address!

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Alex said...

Cute!!!! Congrats to the winner! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex