Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crocheted Flowers

I have totally loved the crocheted flower trend, but I am not at ALL skilled in crocheting! :) Luckily, I have a (VERY!) talented friend who does happen to be quite skilled at crocheting! On a side note, Amanda has been my friend since we were in middle school! We are both now about to be Thirty and Flirty and Thriving (my birthday is one week from today, actually!!), so it's been a while. What a sweet, godly woman and a wonderful mom she's turned out to be.

Anyway, I had Amanda create a sampling of crocheted flowers for me to create with myself AND to give away on my blog (to YOU, my friends!). If you would like to follow Amanda's projects on Facebook (or contact her to order any of her wonderful creations... I can tell you first-hand that they are top notch!), go to Knot Another Project. :)
As for my card, I used the new PTI color Fine Linen. I can tell I'm gonna love this color! I embossed an SU plate onto a second layer of Fine Linen, and inked it up in white ink for definition and "color" (not really color if it's white, huh?). I tied some Melon Berry satin ribbon around the embossed part of the card and tied a side knot. I added the crocheted flower (this one happens to perfectly match Fine Linen!) with a Melon Berry button in the center. The sentiment at the bottom, stamped in Dark Chocolate, is also from PTI.
Wanna win SEVEN assorted crocheted flowers made by Amanda? Thought so. :) Enter a comment here telling me something wonderful about being 30 (if you aren't 30 yet yourself, you can still tell me what you think is wonderful about 30!). I'll draw a random winner (and perhaps share a few of my favorite comments!) Friday afternoon or evening!


Ujjwal said...

I love the colors in your card and the crocheted flower is beautiful.

I am not 30 yet and there are a couple of years before I reach it but I have heard that girls look best in their 30's :D and I am eagerly waiting to see how will I look.

Emily Keaton said...

Well, I'm 10 years past being 30, so I can say with some authority that one wonderful thing about being 30 is feeling like you've finally earned a place at the grown-up table!!

Those crocheted flowers are absolutely gorgeous :)

Lorie said...

My birthday is on the 9th (I'm several years older than 30 though) so it is the cool people with birthday's in October, huh?

Anyway, I had always felt that 30 was like the official year to be an adult and you know what? I felt like an adult then too!

Welcome to adulthood soon!

Ravengirl said...

Well Mandy, happy birthday, just a bit early!

I have nine years on thirty and I think that the most wonderful thing about being 30 (plus) is having some perspective. When I don't have perspective, I am old enough to know where to get some. I don't feel as uncertain or as unsure as I did when I was younger.

And those are lovely crocheted flowers!

Anonymous said...

Well what a wonderful card.. love the details... wel i am approaching 30 soon and i think about it in a bitter sweet sorta way.. i feel sad to think i will be leaving behind my 20's thats when u hav all d fun right?? n u can afford to make mistakes. but to think flirty 30 is quite enticing!! cos i think its an in-betwenee phase where u have the nauhtiness of 20's n also d maturity of the approaching 40's....n who is to stop u frm being what u wanna b n havin all d fun irresspective of ur age!!

de said...

LOVE your card Mandy and that crochet flower is gorgeous!

Thirty... well you should revel in all the things you've learned over the years and be grateful that life has made you wise! :-)

Karen B. said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you an early birthday, comment to say that this is a great card with a really fresh color combination and also to say that being 30 isn't all that bad, especially if you are already a momma!

Jennie said...

Happy early Birthday...what a beautiful card and sweet crocheted flowers. As to being 30, I am 8 years plus and have enjoyed my 30's thus far. By the Lord's hand I have certainly gained more discernment with age and experience. Little things don't seem so big and life altering :o)

Lillian Child said...

I'm almost 30 x 2 ... but then again math was never my strong suit (grin). What I remember most about turning 30 was still having optimism, hope and above all else good health - which is what I miss the most! If I can give you any words of wisdom, it would be to FLOSS, drink LOTS of water and choose healthy options whenever possible. But most of all, learn to live in the moment ... don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, but embrace what's right in front of you this very minute! Have a really great birthday - hope it's filled with family, friends, fun and CAKE!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Just love this card--so beautiful! That crocheted flower is FAB! LOVE IT:)

As for 30---I'm almost there....next year! I hear it (your 30s) is the BEST time of your life;) So I'm excited to see what life brings next year!

Pattie said...

Ahh the memory of 30! My b-day is 10/17 and I will be 42! Age is just a number! At 30, I was married for 8 years and already had my 2 beautiful children. What can I say about 30? You are old enough to know better, but still too young to care!!! Enjoy the 30's...cause the 40's are a little bit harder!

Maureen Merritt said...

Love the flower!!! It's so fun to have crafty friends!!!

Well, I'm in my mid-30's, just turned 36 actually on Sunday (yikes). My thirty's have been great. I feel like I know who I am, where I want to be and how to get there.

Just have fun & be true to yourself :) Enjoy!!!