Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Basket Tutorial

Well, at long last I am posting my pumpkin basket tutorial! Many of you have asked me about it from this post. I am so embarrassed to say that it took me this long! I think that in a way, I was a little intimidated to make a tutorial. Although it did take some time, it was actually quite fun! :) I tried to be very specific in my directions, but please feel free to ask questions. What makes sense to me may not make sense to you, and that's okay!

1. Cut ten strips of patterned paper for your pumpkin basket. These strips measure 1" x 10", but my last basket measured 1" x 12". It just depends on how tall you want to make your basket. You can see how they will be arranged here, too. The side of the paper I did not use for the outside is up here. Set two of the nine paper strips aside until later.

2. Use a Crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the middle of eight of your paper strips. Sure, you could use a regular punch and punch them separately, but this is a real time saver!!

3. Punch a circle of cardstock to serve as a "base" inside your basket. It adds a little stability. I just used a piece of cardstock to save my patterned paper. It's sturdier and no one will see it! Of course you will want a hole in the middle of this as well!

4. Stack the eight strips of paper with the cardstock circle, circle on the bottom, or the side of the patterned paper you do not want showing. Fasten together with a longer, sturdy brad.

5. Fan out the strips of paper so they are evenly spaced.

6. Put them in a cup or bowl so that they are easy to gather into your basket. I used my glass mug that was hand-painted by a wonderful parent of a (also wonderful!) former student! You should be sure your outside of your basket, or your paper side you want on the outside, is facing down in the bowl or cup. Push down so that the paper strips gather together and take on the shape of your mug.

7. Run Sticky Tape (the red stuff) along your last two 1" x 10" strips of patterned paper, and wrap them carefully around the tops of your gathered strips. They should meet and wrap around one another to ensure full coverage around your basket. Be sure the strips stick onto your sticky tape. You may have to use a few extra little pieces of sticky tape to stray paper strips in the middle that are layered behind the strips that stuck. Make sense? See:

8. Next you will use your hands (and maybe a circular object) to shape out your basket into a rounded pumpkin shape.

9. Punch a hole in either side of the rim around the top of the basket. Cut a piece of brown packing paper from one of your recent packages. Brown kraft or even parchment paper would work nicely as well. :) I just tore off a piece, but it was probably 10" x 3" when I started. Twist the paper so that it resembles a brown vine. Cut a hole in each end of your vine. Line up the holes with the holes in the sides of the basket and attach the handles (vine) with brads. Here you can choose to decorate your sides, where the handles are attached. This time, I added Jillibean Soup felt leaves and Jillibean Soup large green buttons! Cute!

10. Fill with treats and give as a gift! Or these DO make nice candy jars for your desk at work (or home...I won't tell!).

The paper I used on this project is Jillibean Soup Minestrone - Thin Zucchini. Love the starburst on the pumpkiny orange paper! :) And with those textured green buttons... Yep! The perfect pumpkin!


Jennie said...

Fabulous tutorial! You look like a pro... :o) Love this basket and looks fun to make!

de said...

This is amazing Mandy! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa H. said...

This turned out wondeful. love the tutorial, tfs!

Mandy said...

super cute!!! great tutorial! thanks.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

This is awesome, Mandy! Thanks for taking the time to show us how to do this wonderful basket! :)

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is the CUTEST! I am just browsing your blog-I feel SOOO bad I haven't been around again lately! I am gonna have to try this out for Thanksgiving favors at my Moms! Good luck choosing your new DT-I just found out that my good friend Heather went out for it! Fingers Crossed! Hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

This is so charming! Love it!! I'm sharing on my crafty facebook page. Feel free to stop by my blog and grab an "I've Been Facebooked!" button : )
Jaimee @