Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mousekadoer!

My wonderful friend Lorie has two beautiful, sweet daughters. Her younger daughter Bethany turned two last week, and we attended the party over the weekend! HOW MUCH FUN! The theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so my kids were on Cloud Nine! Especially Katy! (Even though we don't have cable, the kids LOVE Mickey things and Mickey songs!) I made this card for Bethany to fit the theme. I cut the circles using my Coluzzle, and I studded the edges with silver rhinestones to really make it POP!! I put a little yellow textured ribbon behind it to keep with the color scheme, and I stamped a MOUSEY sentiment at the bottom. :) I used three black rhinestones to make a Mickey Mouse "brad" because.... well, the sentiment was not centered! ACK! Quick fix.

I wish the picture was better but it was SUCH a cloudy, rainy day, and I could not get a good picture using my camera (and my lack of photo skills were NOT helping!). But I love the way the card came out, and when Bethany opened the card, she said, "Oh, Toodles!!" Mission: accomplished. ;)


Lorie said...

Oh, this is great! How fun!

Jennifer Talley said...

So cute! This card is perfect for a Mickey Mouse Club House party! Great job!