Saturday, January 31, 2009

UR 2 Sweet

Wow! It's been quite a week! My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes... a HUGE shock to us! He is only 31, too.... So lots of transitions going on at home! He is not all that thrilled about this new struggle, as you might imagine, but he is doing SO well sticking to the diet and exercise plan he needs to be doing!

Guess what? I DO have a card to share with you today! Believe it or not, I have THREE cards to share!!! Woot woot!! They are all so similar that I decided to stick them all together for the photo! I like to include a handmade card in each order at Limelight Papercrafts (a tough task, but we like to share a little handmade love!), and this week I made some valentine treat holders! I included a fun-size bag of either m&m's or Skittles in each treat holder. I basically used the candy bags as a guide, cut and scored the paper accordingly, to make an envelope, and embellished the outsides! I think they are cute...and they were quick! A must when mass-producing, right?

Stamps: None! Paper: Close to Cocoa, Basic Grey Bittersweet. Ink: NONE! Accessories: Basic Grey Bittersweet Cardstock Stickers, Prima flowers, glitter brads.

I also want to tell you that I joined FACEBOOK! Too many people have asked me if I'm on Facebook... I caved and signed up! So if you're on Facebook, feel free to say hello! Add me as a friend! :) My full name is Mandy Cheshire, if you didn't already know that! :) HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!


Kerry said...

These are very cute treat holders! Sorry to hear about hubby's diabetes...when I had gestational diabetes it was a big adjustment. Glad he is doing well with it.

Lorie said...

Oh, goodness...those treat holders are adorable! What a fun idea! I'm sure that, with you by his side, Drew will do great with the adjustment to come. HUGS to you all!

Becky Sorensen said...

Those are really cute Mandy. Sorry about Drew, it is a life changer for sure but I am sure the adjusment will be great for everyone - I know it was hard for my mom not to eat chips but we all ate better.

Lee said...

Ohhhh how cute!!! I love that paper!! And my problem with making these treat holders that I'm making lately is that I'm eating too many of the treats!! LOL Ohhh.....I'll go find you on Facebook.......but I forget to go on and check in very often!! LOL