Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How 'Bout a Surprise Giveaway!

You weren't expecting this one, I know...but I still have a couple of fun goodies that could use a good home! Leave a comment, answering the following question, for a chance to win a package of Kaisercraft Pear Tree Brads! *Ashley is the winner! But watch the video anyway! ;)
The Question...

Have you seen the Veggie Tales Toy That Saved Christmas? You simply MUST! Too cute! :) In the Silly Songs with Larry segment of the Toy That Saved Christmas, Larry has set out 3 cookies for Santa, about which he sings. THE QUESTION: Which three characters actually take Larry's cookies? If you haven't seen it, watch it here:


Jacqueline said...

veggie tales are super cute! I havent seen this one yet with the kiddos, it is cute!
The three veggies that stole the cookies are 1. A bank robber 2. A savage norseman 3. A IRS agent.
Hehe thanks for the chance Mandy!

Melody said...

How amusing!

The ans is:
Bank robber
A Viking
An agent of the IRS

Please count me into the giveaway!


Michelle said...

very cute... The cookie snatchers are a bank robber, a savage norseman & an IRS agent. =)

Kathy H said...

CUTE CUTE...Very Cute... The cookie snatchers are a bank robber, a savage norseman and an IRS agent.

maiahs_momma said...

Yep, love that movie seen it several times and all the other movies that they have made :).

The snatchers of the cookies are:

~Bank Robber, Savage Norseman and an IRS agent

Lol, too funny :)!


Heather said...

We have this on DVD. I love it.

Bank robber
IRS agent

Anonymous said...

Isn't Veggie Tales so cute?! What fun!
The characters who take the cookies are:
the Bank Robber
Savage Norseman/Viking
an Agent from the IRS

Have a fabulous night, hon!!

Joy said...

how fun!!!!!!!!! the characters who take those cookies are:

savage norseman/viking
bank robber
agent from IRS

Tink said...

A bank robber
A savage norseman
A IRS agent
stoled the cookies

Shaz said...

I have not seen that in a while.
Thanks for the fun!
My Answer:
Bank Robber
IRS agent.

Thanks again,

Tracey said...

Very cute!!

My robber, savage Norseman, IRS agent!

Thanks for sharing!!

Mistress Meeyee said...

Well,I saw the answers on other peoples comments but I watched it out of guilt for cheating anyway.
Bank Robber,Viking/Norseman and IRS agent.Thank you!

sandyh50 said...

I love the music! REally cute! The cookie snatchers are a bank robber, a savage Norseman , and an IRS agent!

Ravengirl said...

The three characters who actually take the cookies are the bankrobber, the Viking and the IRS agent. I can not wait to show my daughter! She will love it!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Ashley Newell said...

Awww, poor Larry! His cookies were taken by:
a bank robber, a viking, and an IRS agent.

I'm free of the abuse said...

My daughter is not a Veggie Tales fan. I took her, despite it's religiousness to see the Veggie Tales Movie. Her responses were "Vegables don't talk" and "Whales don't eat Asparagus!" LOL We left the movie after that :D

The cookie thiefers were the bank robber, a norseman, and an IRS agent. They always get their cookies hmmm?

Cheri said...

OK, so now I have to be technical. In the video, the only character seen ACTUALLY TAKING a cookie is the IRS man. Larry offers a cookie to the norseman and the robber, but all we see is the cookie falling off the plate.

OK, I'll be quiet now! =D

Kerry said...

No need to enter me in the giveaway...I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award. I know you are super busy with the 12 days of Christmas so don't worry about visiting my blog for the details. Thanks for all of the Christmas fun!

Becky Sorensen said...

I have seen this movie a hundred times with my nephew - actually we have most in VHS and DVD!!! It was the bank robber, the norseman and the IRS guy. And I believe Cheri is correct! lol