Saturday, October 25, 2008


The winner of the LYB Haunted House kit is lucky number 9...Ashley!! It would be nearly impossible for Ashley NOT to have won SOMETHING! Thanks for all the friends you sent!

The winner of the Disney bottle caps and Accents is lucky number 40! Jill, that's YOU!

Send me your addresses and I will get these out!

If you love blog giveaways (and who doesn't??), check back Monday for another really great prize! It is a BRAND NEW product!


Ryann said...

Yay Ashley and Jill! Congratulation to the pair of you!

Ashley Newell said...

Awww, thanks Mandy! I can't wait to make that little house for Brady! YAY! And congrats to Jill too!

Ravengirl said...

Congrats ladies! I'll be back to see the new product on Monday!

Jill Cooper said...

thanks, wahoo :) I am excited!! Thanks!! :)